Anti Aging Treatment

Very few people in today’s society want to “look older.” Although most of us enjoy the wisdom gained and lessons learned as we age, seldom is one happier about the physical symptoms of getting older. Often people go through great lengths and preventative measures to try and avoid this inevitable occurrence. True MediSpa has a dual process that can help in your goal to reduce the look of aging, as well as prevent your skin from aging further.

You are Unique

Sustain your complexion and ward off signs of aging with a skin-balancing anti-aging treatment. Since everyone’s dermatologic needs are different, at TrueMedi we customize and individualize your service to the specific requirements of your skin. Our professional medical aestheticians will customize the treatment that is right for your skin’s needs whether you are acne prone, have dry skin, prematurely aging, or a combination of issues. If something more progressive or complex is recommended, you can easily add a microdermabrasion or peel to your treatment plan. At TrueMedi our staff recognizes that everyone’s needs are unique to them.

The Process

The process for an anti-aging treatment is fairly simple: You begin with a deep cleansing. Afterwards, your medical aesthetician assesses the condition of your skin and makes an expert analysis. Afterwards, an exfoliation process usually occurs, followed by steaming and extractions if necessary. To complete the procedure, a toner/astringent would be applied along with a purifying and a hydrating mask. And in order to protect yourself from further harming your skin, all treatments conclude with an SPF lotion. Each treatment is approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

Although retaining your youth is an impossibility, that doesn’t mean you can’t at least look the part – come to TrueMedi Spa where you can stop the look of aging, and maintain your healthy looking skin.