Laser Hair Removal & Treatment

Unsightly hair is something that no one typically wants – it is never “in style” and isn’t normally a trend that looks appealing for either men or women. Removal of this is usually painful and difficult, and takes a decent amount of time. However, at TrueMedi we make the process as painless and simple as possible. We use a process called: LightSheer, which is an effective and advanced technology designed specifically for laser hair removal Toronto. This is a service that is very high in demand as up until this point, the process for hair removal has been waxing, threading or shaving – all either painful or time consuming processes. However, this process in particular uses the power of light and laser skin resurfacing.

The Process

LightSheer is a form of Toronto laser hair removal treatment that is preformed by our highly qualified medical aestheticians. Our advanced new laser technology serves as a solution that is both quick and permanent. The laser gets turned on for a fraction of a second to the undesired area, where the light and energy emitted by the laser is selectively absorbed by the pigment in your hair follicle. The method is typically comfortable and easy to tolerate and handle, particularly when compared to the other methods that other spas use. Most clients require a minimum of about 5 treatments (varying from about 15 – 60 minutes each) separated by approximately 6 weeks. It’s recommended that after the treatment, you keep the specific area protected from the sun for at least a week, while continuing to use sunscreen for a prolonged period of time (sunscreen is generally always a good idea to use on your skin to maintain its health).


After you decide to get laser hair removal in Toronto, a number of steps are set in place to help prepare you for your procedure. These steps involve prepping your skin and unwanted hair to make them more conducive to laser treatments – this process typically begins about a month beforehand. If you usually tweeze or wax your unwanted hair – stop doing so as a precaution to ensure that the process isn’t interfered with. Another important step is to discontinue applying tanning creams or lotions onto your skin. This is because lasers are attracted to melanin in your hair and skin. Be cautious of any sun exposure leading up to the treatment as well, as any potential sunburn could negatively affect your results.

The day of your treatment, it would be prudent to show up shaved and fully cleansed. Refraining from any lotions or creams would also be wise as they could potentially interfere with the laser’s effectiveness. After it’s all over, if any redness or irritation occurs; it is completely normal and temporary. Keeping your skin hydrated and protected from the sun is the best course of action to help speed up the healing process. Everything should return to ordinary in about a day or so, and if in the rare case it takes much longer, contact us at TrueMedi for a consultation on a laser hair treatment.