Medical Grade Peels

Medical Grade Peels

Understandably, everyone wants to have a beautiful, younger looking, firmer and cleaner appearance. In order to choose the right treatment for your skin, you have to properly understand how your skin works, what it is comprised of, and the science behind it. Your skin is an organ made up of millions of living cells, where thousands of cells die, fall off, and are replaced by new cells from below the surface. As we age, the process of new cells replacing the old ones becomes a slower and languished progression, making it increasingly difficult for your skin to shed dark blotches or any other lifeless complexion. A skin peel aids in this process as it creates an even controlled shedding of several layers of damaged cells, which then exposes a new fresh and rejuvenated layer of skin. The peel stimulates new cells to grow, which tightens your skin and decreases wrinkling.

How Does It Work?

The entire Medical Grade Peel treatment takes approximately 20-30 minutes – expect to feel a slight tingling sensation but that will only last about 5 minutes, until your skin is neutralized. Once that step occurs, your skin will be feeling refreshed and revitalized. The peel works on the dermis and epidermis of your skin, with the solution being applied on a cleansed face for approximately 5 minutes. A moisturizer and sunscreen should be applied afterwards. Once you have completed your peel, you should avoid sun exposure, heavy exercises, or saunas to avoid sweating for at least 24 hours. Heavy sweating will interfere with the peeling / shedding process and should be prevented if possible. Any peeling or flaking a couple days after the treatment is to be expected and completely normal – just your skin’s natural process of shedding.

For the best results, at least 4 treatments are recommended about once a month or so. As you are very aware of, not all products and treatments are tailored for everyone. With this in mind; our medical professionals at TrueMedi Spa will evaluate the needs of your skin and your desired results to customize a Medical Grade Peel personalized for your requirements. With an array of choices to invigorate your appearance, our team at TrueMedi will tailor the treatment to you and your desires.

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