Venus Freeze

If you’ve been trying to reduce the look of wrinkles and endeavoring to appear younger with fresh skin, chances are you have tried several aesthetic services and products. If you’re unsuccessful Venus Freezewith many different attempts, it is normal to find yourself feeling hopeless and generally fed up. But don’t give up all hope, as there is a revolutionary process that is extremely effective – it is commonly known as Venus Legacy. The concept is energizing the medical aesthetic industry with a non-surgical body morphing technology. It’s temporary skin tightening Toronto for the face, neck and body using a medical workstation that combines multi-polar & magnetic pulse technology. Venus Freeze

The Multi-Polar accomplishes fast, pain-free, and even heating deep into layers of multiple tissue, which ultimately results in enhanced experiences for our clients. The pulsed magnetic field technology can be used from head to toe, and has been used for decades – despite it continuing to revolutionize the beauty industry. The most impressive part about the method is the real time thermal feedback, with a visual graph to allow for constant tissue contact. That makes it more conducive to have superior overall clinical results for both our patients and an effective process for our Doctors.

What Can it do for You?

Ultimately, the Venus concept and its technologies brings with it great results and can help you get rid of your unwanted and troublesome cellulite and wrinkles. It is a common treatment for clients who have recently lost a substantial amount of weight and have stretch marks remaining from the girth they used to carry. Venus Legacy has proven to be very effective with our clients for eliminating bra-bulge, reducing circumference and minimizing cellulite of the lower torso and thighs. TrueMedi Spa is proud to offer an enhancement to our service that will absolutely give our clients a better result and experience. TrueMedi has the first all-in-one medical aesthetic workstation that combines the proven technologies that Venus Legacy uses (multi-polar + magnetic pulse technology) with the new Varipulse feature. This Varipulse device helps our Aestheticians give you a better experience, with a more accurate and efficient outcome.

Venus Freeze™ How it Works