February 25, 2018

4 Good Skincare Tips for Winter in Toronto

Yuck! It’s been cold, snowy and there’s no telling when the sun will shine again. It’s been a nastier than normal winter here in Toronto and not even the groundhogs gave us a sign that it will soon be over.

Aside from making it more difficult to stay warm and comfortable, a winter like this one can be tougher than most on your skin. While you might already have a ‘winter program’ for your skin, when temperatures stay below freezing for extended periods, winds blow colder and you’re more often than not just huddling inside to stay away from it all, you might need to adjust your skincare routine to counteract it all.

Here are just a few tips to keep your skin healthy and looking its best this winter in Toronto.

Bathe and Wash with Lukewarm Water

That hot shower that feels so good on a cold winter morning can rob your skin of moisture. Cooling your bath water down even just a little will help your skin keeps its natural moisturizing oils.

Moisturize More Often and Immediately after Washing

If you’ve been out all day in dry, freezing air, it can leave your skin dry for an extended period. Try to wash and moisturize your skin when you get home at the end of the day as well as the usual times.

Keep Hydrated

We often don’t drink as much water in winter because it’s not like it’s sweltering outside. But your skin needs the extra moisture from within to help it battle winter’s ravages.


All that cold, dry air can leave the exposed skin on your face and hands cracked and dry. Moisture can’t get past dead skin cells. So it’s just as important to exfoliate in the winter, especially one like this year’s, as it is in summer.

If you really want to keep your skin looking its absolute best all winter long, call us here at True MediSpa to book an appointment.