August 18, 2018

4 Ways to Treat Sunburn

It’s been a hot summer so far here in Toronto. It’s a welcome change considering that we usually can’t count on extended heat waves here in T.O..

When the weather stays warm for a long time, you can get more into the summer lifestyle. Of course, part of that is trying to get rid of your ‘winter paleness’ by spending time in the sun.

Prevent Sunburn So You Don’t Have to Treat It

As doctors, we know that prevention is the best medicine. As skincare specialists, we are acutely aware of the damage the sun does to your skin. So, instead of heading out to get some colour in your skin, learn to love your paleness.

That said, no matter how many precautions you take to prevent overexposure, you can still overdo it and end up with a sunburn.

If you do, whether it’s to a large part of your body, or just a spot you didn’t know was exposed, the sooner you take steps to treat your sunburn, the less of a detrimental effect it will have on your skin.

Tips for Sunburn Treatment

Once you know you have a sunburn, get out of the sun and use the following tips to help relieve the pain and protect your skin.

1. Take a Cool Bath or Shower

The cold water will help ease the pain. Don’t use soap. Pat yourself dry when you’re done, leaving a little water on your skin. Use a moisturizer that contains aloe vera and/or soy after the bath.

2. Try Aspirin or Ibuprofen

If there is more severe pain, swelling or discomfort, aspirin or ibuprofen can reduce them.

3. Drink Lots of Water

Your burned skin sucks moisture from your body to help heal itself. It can actually dehydrate you.

4. Take Extra Care to Stay Out of the Sun

Just like with any other injury to your body, re-exposing burned skin to sunshine can make the pain and skin damage exponentially worse.

We hope you enjoy the great summer we’re having in Toronto without suffering a sunburn. But, if you do get a burn, try to minimize the damage to your skin. Get in touch with us here at True MediSpa to learn more.