May 23, 2017

What You’re Missing from Your Facial Skincare Regimen

Knowing how to keep your skin looking its best is not always easy. First, it’s probably a full-time job just to keep up with the sheer number of new products, techniques, and advice that’s out there.

Second, newsflash: your skin is unique to you. That crazily expensive serum that works wonders for your BFF might not do the same for you.

But there is at least one skincare ‘treatment’ that works amazingly well, and it does so equally for everyone. Yet no one thinks of it as skincare and you can’t find it at any cosmetics counter. In fact, it costs nothing and you can easily do it yourself, anytime and anywhere.

Better Circulation Means Better Looking Skin

It’s no secret that, to look its best, your skin needs to be as healthy as possible. You might already practice a number of skin care treatments, like exfoliation, that help improve your skin’s health.

But to make your skin its healthiest, you need to start from below. Improving your blood circulation brings much-needed oxygen and nutrients to the skin all over your body. On your face, it produces that unmistakeable glow you get when you’re out of breath.

But you don’t have to get into a major huffing and puffing workout to improve circulation in your face. Here are a few other ways to get similar results for better-looking skin.

1. Hang Your Head

Not in shame, but regularly hanging your head upside down for a few minutes, like by touching your toes or in the downward dog yoga pose, will increase the blood flow to your face.

2. Massage Your Face

When you get a body massage, you feel great because the improved circulation gets rid of toxins and contaminants in your muscles. So it makes sense to do the same for your face. Whenever you moisturize, take a few minutes to massage your face. Make a fist and use your knuckles (your fingertips will do too) and massage all over your face in a circular motion.

3. Get Your Heart Pumping

OK, we said you didn’t need to do a major workout. While we’ve told you before why exercise could be the best beauty treatment there is, it doesn’t mean you need to get into expensive gym memberships and big-time commitments to get at least some benefits. Just getting your heart rate up by jogging, riding a bike or running up and down stairs for five or ten minutes will get more blood pumping everywhere, including to your face. Remember to talk to your doctor before getting into any exercise program.

If nothing else, remember that healthy looking skin doesn’t come only from what you put on top of it, but also from what you make happen below it.