Of course, we all care about our appearance and want to look younger, better, and have fewer wrinkles. But, the cost and cons of trying to acquire this can be daunting and discouraging. The recovery time, time consumption, frequency of visits, and invasive treatment itself is enough to dissuade anyone from taking the effort to try and improve their look. Luckily for you, there is now a process out there that is quick and easy and doesn’t require frequent visits.

Juvederm XC is a facial gel filler that is used to instantly smooth away and reduce wrinkles around your mouth and nose. With just one treatment, you’ll get younger looking skin, with smooth and natural looking results that last up to a year. Most products or procedures of this ilk last for about half as long, and don’t deliver the same excellent results. The product is created using Hylacross technology, infused with lidocaine so you have a smooth gel, that also feels comfortable during your treatment. With Juvederm you will get the outcome you want, but it doesn’t appear obvious and jarring. In addition, our staff is skilled in the art of discretion & concealment – they won’t give you any abrupt changes that you can’t explain to your peers or colleagues. There is minimal recovery or downtime with Juvederm XC, as it’s a basic, nonsurgical wrinkle treatment, with the process only taking minutes.

Is Juvederm Right for You?

After your consultation with us at TrueMedi, we’ll determine if Juvederm Toronto is the right product for you. There are a lot of factors at play to establish if you’re a proper candidate for the procedure. We’ll examine the soft tissue of your face to access the depth of the wrinkles to determine your proper treatment. If your fine lines are relatively severe, then Juvederm may be the right step for you. It’s available in 2 formulations: Ultra and Ultra Plus. Ultra deals more in contouring and volumizing creases in your skin, whereas Ultra Plus is a more intense version – it’s a more concentrated, vigorous formula that corrects folds very deep in your skin. If your skin damage is rather mild and easily malleable, then other less intense options are available for you such as: lotions, creams, oxygen facials, microdermabrasion, etc.

These two options of Juvederm (Plus and Ultra Plus) allow us at TrueMedi to customize our treatment to your unique skin volume necessities. Following the injection, we gently massage the treated areas to evenly spread out the product in addition to help ease the desired area. The whole process is quick and easy and the results show right away and the injection itself usually takes only about 15 minutes. Following the treatment you should probably avoid strenuous exercise and alcohol for about 24 hours, as well as prolonged exposure to sun or heat. If you experience pain or any kind of discomfort around the worked on area, it is completely normal and temporary and usually lasts no longer than a week. If you experience swelling at the injection area, you can apply an ice pack for a brief period, but it is best to leave the area alone and untouched for the most part. Come to TrueMedi to consult with us to see if Juvederm is right for you and your needs.