Permanent Cosmetic

Aside from wrinkles and younger looking skin, the most commonly requested facial enhancement women seek generally involves eyebrows and lips. These two trouble regions are a frequently targeted area and with these being the 2 parts of your face that typically define your look, that comes as no surprise. At TrueMedi we’ve acknowledged this demand, and so we’ve created and offer an aesthetically pleasing solution for your brows and lips.

Although this treatment has become increasingly popular in recent years, this is not a brand new method or modern technique that TrueMedi uses. We’ve been using Permanent Cosmetic for over 13 years in reputable medical clinics in both Toronto and California. As with all our treatments, our Doctors use a conservative and mild approach, to give you a more natural look. With the Permanent Cosmetic process, our staff uses the highest quality product. The superior quality combined with our decade and a half of experience – you can feel confident about your decision to refine and rejuvenate your face and troublesome areas.


Your eyebrows are one feature that certainly defines your face and expresses your look/mood. This is the case especially if you have thick, expressive eyebrows. You can use Permanent Cosmetic to fill in or outline your eyebrows to give your face a natural, yet dramatic enhancement. If your brows define your face, wouldn’t you want that to be your best feature? Come consult with us at TrueMedi to see if there’s any improvement, mild or dramatic, that can be done to refine your appearance.


Believe it or not, one of the features that women are most insecure about is their lips and smile. With our natural defining line you don’t have to hide your smile any longer. By skillfully choosing the tone that most accurately matches your skin, you can enhance your lips and show off your upgraded smile. Permanent cosmetic can add a vigorous modification to your smile and help reduce the fine lines that naturally occur with aging. Other procedures include Lip Tint (giving it a consistent, static colour) and Lip Blending (enlarging the shape of your lips).

All Permanent Cosmetic treatments are quick and easy and can be done in no longer than 20 minutes. Having such a drastic and beautiful change to your face in such a small amount of time is one of the reasons Permanent Cosmetic has become so popular and appealing.