Sclerotherapy (Spider Vein Therapy)

There’s nothing worse than feeling insecure about your appearance and having it affect your daily life. The embarrassment that comes from feeling self-conscious about your body can be morale lowering and debilitating. Sometimes people who suffer from “Spider Veins” feel this insecurity. Occasionally, people who have spider veins on their legs may conceal them by permanently wearing pants to conceal their body. Others who have this affliction on other parts of their body (like their face), use heavy amounts of makeup and concealer to cover themselves. Spider and Varicose Veins are inflamed veins beneath your skin that can be blue, red, or vary in colour and they are called spider veins for obvious reasons – because they are unpleasant and resemble spider webs (something that no one wants). They are caused by weak or damaged valves in your veins, stemmed from the backup of blood in your veins & arteries. At TrueMedi Spa, we are focused on making your worries and inhibitions end with our proven techniques.

Your Options

The methods that we offer are known as Sclerotherapy, which are tiny injections, and laser therapy to treat spider veins. Our staff at TrueMedi will determine which treatment is the right one for you. Before any procedure takes place, the first step of the process is to meet with us for a consultation to determine how severe your case of Spider Veins is, and what the best course of action is.
Sclerotherapy is a series of injections of a medication (sclerosing agent) using a tiny needle. The sclerosing agent disturbs the outside area of the vein causing it to breakdown and eventually disappear. Sclerotherapy requires no freezing, and causes only marginal discomfort that is temporary, and you’ll be able to get back to your daily routine almost immediately afterwards. The other option is the laser therapy — laser energy that safely permeates through and penetrates your skin and is selectively absorbed by the desired blood vessels. Both methods are very effective and safe, causing your veins to gradually disappear. If you’re hesitant about the idea of having a laser enter your skin; the laser therapy isn’t harmful and doesn’t cause any discomfort, as it entails a cooling mechanism with the process. The length and number of procedures required varies per client, based on their targeted needs and desires. All those details will be figured out at your preliminary consultation, before your treatments start.