Permanent Cosmetic & Microblading

True is happy to offer a natural, aesthetically pleasing solution for brows and lips. Our Medical Artist brings you over 13 years of Permanent Cosmetic experience with a very reputable history practicing in medical clinics in both Toronto and California. Her conservative approach and keen eye lends to as natural or dramatic result you desire. Using a gold-standard product, combined with experience, you can feel assured while refining your look.

Brows: Your eyebrows define your face!  Using a natural approach, permanent cosmetic can be used to fill in or define the brows giving the face a natural or dramatic refinement. Lip Definition: Smile more with a natural defining line to enhance your lips in whatever colour you desire by skillfully choosing the shade that most naturally matches your skin tone or “lipstick”. Permanent cosmetic can add a youthful refinement to your lips, help reduce vertical lines due to aging and enhance the defining edge to a more beautiful look. Lip Blending: Enlarge or change the shape of your lips by designing the shape and blending it into your own lip. Lip Tint: This procedure is performed in 2 stages of filling in every millimetre of your lip to give you a consistent colour that doesn’t wash or kiss away.

Our Technician is renowned for her ability to do corrective permanent cosmetic. Perhaps you are not pleased with the shape, colour or result of a previous treatment at another facility. Don’t settle for less than beautiful! Permanent Cosmetic can be a quick lunchtime procedure.  It involves a 10 minute Consultation with our licensed Medical Technician to establish shape and colour during a numbing phase. The chosen colour pigment is inserted into the area, which usually takes no longer than 20 minutes per area. This procedure is pain-free with little downtime. Maximum healing time would vary between 2-5 days depending on age, sensitivity and other health factors.

Microblading is a technique in which a small handheld tool uses several tiny needles to draw strokes with semi-permanent pigment on the skin to mimic the appearance of brow hairs. This technique can be used to fill in areas of lost hair, or completely transform a brow that has no hair at all. The pigment that is used is specifically formulated for microblading and is much less concentrated than that of a regular tattoo.  Our Medical Artist has over 15 years of experience and treats every client individually. In your consultation it will be determined what look you wish to achieve. From there she will give her feedback and suggestions with regard to shape and colour. All of the colours are custom created to achieve the most natural, optimal result for each client. We welcome you to call and schedule a consultation to explore your options.